Window Replacement

Aside from replacing your windows because of obvious damage. Window replacement can also be used to upgrade the quality of your home environment. North Brisbane Glass understand the issues surrounding homes in Brisbane city. Noise and air pollution are common in the Brisbane northern suburbs and our glazing solution will relieve your concerns.


North Brisbane Glass offers glass replacement services that can:

Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Home

Replacing your windows can add style and character to your home. Why not try re-glazing antique frames or purchasing your favourite style to add value and curbside appeal.

Make Your Home A Safer Place

North Brisbane Glass install quality glass doors and windows that will strengthen your home security. Our Laminated window glass has a polymer interlayer that, when broken, keeps the glass intact, providing additional protection against possible intruders.

Protect Your Home Contents From UV Light

Most people in North Brisbane love the natural light in their houses, but unnecessary rays can contribute to the deterioration of the house interior. Choose a glass with additional UV protection – like sunscreen for your home – protecting the walls, floors, and furnishings of your home.

Our family-operated business will upgrade the windows in your North Brisbane home, to a high standard, at an affordable price.

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