Pet Doors Installation

Here at North Brisbane Glass, we cater for all family members, big and small. For over 17 years, we have provided countless homes in the northern suburbs with a pet door for their furry friends.



Pet doors are essential in your home for any of your pets, and a wide range of benefits can come from the addition of a pet door installation. Just some of these benefits are:

  • Your pet will become less bored, something that often causes problematic behaviours. A pet door enables your pet to go outside and explore to stay active and fit. This ultimately benefits your pet’s health physically and mentally.
  • A more comfortable environment for your pet will be formed, as your pet will have the opportunity to be less reliant on you, and it will have the opportunity to come in and out of your home independently. This ultimately avoids keeping the pet indoors for an uncomfortable extended period.
  • Installing a pet door also provides another level of security in your home, as it allows your pet to independently check on any unusual noises or dangers outside, that you might otherwise not hear or see.

The benefits are endless! You can provide yourself with more time and less stress, and ensure that your pet is kept in an environment in which they can be comfortable and happy. Do yourself and your furry friend a favour, and contact North Brisbane Glass today to organise a pet door installation.

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