Window Installation Trends to Hit 2020

2020 is here and we are all feeling that “new decade” feeling. Whether you are expanding your house with a new renovation or simply wanting to re-vamp your living space. The windows are the best place to start. Why not make your windows the feature of your North Brisbane home, not only for their great source of light.

Frameless Glass Fence and Oversized Windows

Window Installation Trends to Hit 2020

Why block your view with thick frames? Why not enjoy the outside of your home from the inside of your home with a full view of your backyard! It just makes sense that Brisbane homeowners are using Frameless glass for there home installations. And yes they are making the northside of Brisbane look very lush.

Matt and Frosted Glass Bathroom Windows and Dividers

Window Installation Trends to Hit 2020

Matt and frosted Glass have become very popular across Brisbane homes and particularly in the bathroom. These Glass installations have become a great way to add large amounts of light into the bathroom while still keeping your privacy. Plus they can make a fantastic feature for your bathroom.

Restore that Vintage Look

Window Installation Trends to Hit 2020

Some of us this year will be restoring or replacing our Queensland home windows this year with classic styles to really compliment your north Brisbane Queenslander. Not only is an ecological choice, but you may also find a unique rare gem!

Other trends such as Blinds between the glass would be a treat to any home. The one thing we could do without is cleaning those venison blinds. So what if I told you, you could have the beauty of the blinds without the hassle of cleaning them! Yes, the blinds between the glass. All the shade and none of the dust!

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